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I've just got my Dynafit Tour 88s back from Scràc Ski Service. They needed a bit of love and attention to ensure that they were in tip-top condition for when I head out to Iceland in a couple weeks.  
Excellent service and very easy to deal with, so if you are heading away soon or just need your skis to have a bit of maintenance before you put them in the shed until next season, then get in touch with them.

Working on Pauls Dynafit 88 skis
Just received my skis back after putting them through a tough winter. Ben has done an amazing job on them and returned them in a condition that I never thought I would see them in again. Thanks again
Before and after of Repair on Ross Ski
Before and after of Repair of Tom Ski
I was really impressed with Ben's work, breathing new life into my much neglected UK hacking about skis, as well as keeping my touring set up in prime condition. Easy to deal with and really convenient. If you are in North Wales and your snowboard or skis need some love, he's your man!
Ewan Whitedot Skis

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Good skis let you open up and relax when skiing hard. Thanks for your part in creating that feeling Ben! 
I had repairs, wax and edge before my easter trip to heiligenblut, the repairs being excellent.